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  • With the change in education system almost all the subjects have become easy to grasp and maximum to score. What to talk of previously when one has to hard nut to crack to achieve distinctions in subjective courses and this is all due to pleasantly changing and improving education system. The gap between the teacher and the taught has lessoned bringing in a mutual understanding between the two to comprehend each other.

    Because of increasing competition the students and teachers have to strive hard to meet the challenge of society and for that to give a break and refresh their mind ,body and soul some exciting activities are to be indoctrinate that too in the school premises and according to age and class levels. Those can be with some excitement, exposed towards learning process and work as entertainment too.

    The student enjoy cartoon channels maximum while viewing TV and in them desire of doing the same happened and for that they search some platform, for them some such enclosed activities with their graphic view are presenting with hope those will be within their aptitude and capabilities as break.

    These activities are designed in such node that will boost their energy ,refresh mind and glaring physique and provide a break and entertainment with full safety and knowledgeable outside the class room. We are with full team assure to make a enjoyable and marvelous time with students and good complements from all your staff members.

  • Environment

    An artist seeks for the beauty in everything he looks upon. Taste of art, curiosity for history…

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    History, Art and Culture

    Fashion is the inner sense of living life. It requires the art appreciation with right knowledge…

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  • Adventure

    Life is either a great adventure or nothing. It leaves you with exciting activity…

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    All in One

    The pursuit of knowledge is never-ending. The day you stop seeking knowledge…

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  • Science and Technology

    Science is but an image of the Truth. OSR Vacation gives the students a vast exposure…

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    • OSR Vacation is a one of the best tour operator in India for my students to their new experiences. It’s welcoming and safe and my students loves traveling with OSR Vacation.

      Amithab Kumar
    • Our School attached with OSR Vacation from More than 1 year who proving best services to our Students as well School Staf. I can not tell you how much I adore and appreciate all of the wonderful staff.

      Meera Desai
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